Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2001 3:10 PM
Subject: Custer's Beatdown

Issue #37
After Devil's Tower I was planning on heading to Billings Montana, and then a little North from there to visit an old family friend in Roundup.
  This is one of the first mile markers I saw in Montana, I put this picture in for my East coast friends, when was the last time you saw a mile marker this big?  If you passed that sign in Virginia, you would be in New York City by the time you got to mile marker 1.
Shortly into Montana you pass the battleground of Custer's last stand (Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument).  Not knowing my history about the event too well, I somehow assumed there was something honorable in the event, but as it turns out, American settlers had been moving onto Indian lands in these parts after Gold was discovered (lands that had been given to the Indians by the government).  At first troops were sent out to remover the illegal settlers, but when the Indians started defending their lands from the settlers, the troops "had" to defend the settlers and so war broke out.  Several Indian nations combined forces at the Little Big Horn river, and decimated Custer and his troops.  Reinforcements soon arrived and the Indians headed to Canada which was pretty much the end.
  The original grave of Custer and his troops
 Another memorial to the battle
After my stop there, it was off to Billings, where I did catch a spectacular sunset to end the day on August 4th....
Today's trivia question:  What national Capital city is the worlds largest utilizer of Geothermal power?