Sent: Monday, September 09, 2002 9:41 PM
Subject: East Coast

Greetings from back on the East Coast.  Hanging out at my parents, trying to recover from yet another trip cross-country (4th total, 2nd all at once).  It's good to be off the road, I took everything, every last thing out of and off of the van today.  Without all that junk and external appendages it actually is quite the nimble little vehicle.  Just a quick update, film is at the lab getting developed, so I won't have any pictures for a day or two.  The day after I last wrote, I moved out of my apartment in Missoula.  That weekend I drove from Missoula to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.  Something like 866 miles in two days, with a lot of shopping along the way to get ready for Burning Man.  I took 30 lbs. of Pancake mix to cook breakfast for the camp.  I only ended up needing about 12, and that fed a lot of people.  Burning Man was amazing, it was great to see my all my old friends from last year and plenty of new ones this year.  The VWBuscamp family just keeps growing and getting better.  I'll write more with the pictures, but as I was pretty sleep deprived from school, I kept it pretty low key, spending a lot of time in camp resting and hanging out with my friends.  Of course low key at Burning Man is probably a week of raging partying out here, but it was great to relax in good company in a place with a fantastic energy to it.  After I rolled out of there, it was pretty much a straight shot back here.  I did stop to visit my friend Brad from photo school along the way (he was the skateboarding bunny in the last email), and all the work he is doing to get started in photography got me inspired.  I think it was 5 days of driving, and it was pretty dull.  So it's good to rest for a spell, but I have a pretty hefty to-do list that I have created for myself to get ready to move to San Francisco and getting ready to look for work in photography.  I'm getting excited about what's next, it's a little scary, but mostly I don't think about that, just all the things I can't wait to do.  I'll be hanging out here for a few weeks, with some visits up and down the coast planned to see everybody and do some photography.  I'm looking forward to some Legend Brown Ale.  I've had all the West Coast microbrews, and as a class they are all to themselves, but Legend Brown stacks up against any of them.  I'll probably be in Richmond on some of the weekends coming up (starting with this one), so I hope to see as many people as I can.  Let me know if you will be around and of anything going on.  I can usually be found at the Commercial Taphouse.  That's all for now, I'll send some pictures later this week (or early next).  I hope everybody is doing well and I look forward to seeing y'all.
P.S.  While I'm here, I'd like to make an offer to any interested parties.  I'd like to build up my portfolio of portrait photography, so if anybody is interested in getting some portraits or family portraits (even pet portraits) done while I'm around, I'll do it at cost (film, developing, printing, lighting or studio rental).  I don't know yet how much all of that is, but my guess is that it will be more than Sears, and less than a regular portrait photographer.  I'm interested in candid and creative portraiture, as well as doing some on location.  I mostly shoot in Black and White, but can do Color if really desired.  It would probably take a few hours for each session.  I can do shots that you want, but in return, I may require you to  A) have genuine expressions  and/or B) have fun and act silly.  If interested send me an email and I'll contact you later to set something up.