Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2001 6:08 AM
Subject: Insert clever title here

Headed out of the Badlands towards Wall South Dakota, to visit the (in)famous Wall Drug Store.  It can best be described as "the South of The Border of the West Coast", for those of you who have had the pleasure of stopping at the North/South Carolina border.
From there I was off to the Black Hills to do some hiking, see Mt. Rushmore and a few other things.  Just outside of Rapid City there was some sort of air force museum, so I stopped to check it out...
  I always wanted a Huey growing up
They were running tours of the nearby Air Force base, so I took one, we got to see some B1 bombers, and actually went down into a missile silo, which was kind of cool...
Don't forget to "duck and cover" when you see the flash...
After the museum, I was considering stopping off at Mt. Rushmore, but realizing that I was feeling a little cantankerous, I figured that it would be best to avoid crowds, so I took the scenic drive through Custer state park and headed down towards Wind Cave NP.
The drive was really cool, got to drive through a bunch of crazy tunnels carved right into the mountain
Spent the night at the campground at the national park (no interesting people there this time) and planned on exploring Wind Cave the next day.