Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2001 6:54 AM
Subject: Mashed Potatoes

Issue #36
Late in the day I reached my destination in Wyoming, the US army had the roads closed, some nonsense about a chemical spill or something, but I was not to be deterred...
Drove around to the far side of Devil's Tower for what I hoped would be a great sunset, the smoke in the air had been turning the light at sunset into gold, but after I snapped a few pictures, the sun went behind some clouds and I lost my light......
And then the aliens showed up!!! and the sky went all crazy!!! and the mothership sucked me in, and the worst part of it was the alien probes.  No really, it was terrible, you see, they don't probe us, they want us to probe them!!  I told them that I didn't feel safe in that environment, and that having just come out of a bad marriage I had serious boundary and intimacy issues, at which point they just beamed me back to the van in disgust.
After that adventure I decided to hang out for a day before leaving and catch up on some emails and just relax at the base of the tower.  As I was leaving the park the next day I saw some deer by the side of the road,  and this one turned around just in time to get his picture taken.
P.S.  The answers to the last set of trivia questions are as follows...several people got the correct answer regarding George Harrison and the Chiffons, but I'll let my friend Scott from the UK break it down for you...
    "the Chiffons sang a song
     called "He's So Fine", which sounds almost exactly the same as "My
     Sweet Lord", well, the tune did anyway. So the writers of the
     Chiffons' number successfully sued our George for plagiarism. Despite
     the fact that George freely admitted he did nick the tune, but from
     God. Who perhaps was at the court's bathroom when the judgment was
     given and forgot to intervene in any way."
and the song I scammed at the beginning of the email was "Sitting in Limbo" which I know as a Jimmy Cliff song, but my friend Rob tells me is actually a Grateful Dead song.