Sent: Friday, October 26, 2001 9:14 AM
Subject: Replies to scathing attack on large emails....

Fortunately most of the victims of my rather ascerbic email the other day took it with good humor, here are some of their responses.....
"I like the subtle approach...sorry, I should have thought of that!  Attached is a copy of the bible I used to swear on that i won't do it again!"
"PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE forgive me!!!!  The guilt!  I take full responsibility for the pneumonia that you will undoubtedly catch from sitting on a parkbench all day in the freezing cold." 
"My excited and prematurely sent off that email....I can change though...I know I can change." 
These and my friend Baker's presumably unwitting distribution of his email to the entire list should provide some comic relief for a Friday.