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Subject Date Sent Summary
Big News 04/27/2001 I'm leaving today
So Far 05/23/2001 Getting ready
Almost there..... 05/31/2001 Still getting ready
And you thought I would never leave 06/16/2001 Finally on the road
And the beat goes on 06/16/2001 PA highpoint, the incident
Where's Waldo 06/28/2001 Pittsburgh/Michigan/Ann Arbor
Who's creepin' through the streets of the city 06/29/2001 Across Canada/Adirondacks
Ride the painted pony 07/01/2001 New tires for the van
Episode IV: A New Beginning 07/16/2001 Ithaca
The age of aquarius 07/16/2001 Woodstock
Grinders 07/17/2001 Connecticut
First Bite 07/23/2001 New York City
Let the music do the talkin' 07/24/2001 New York City
No longer riding on the merry go round 07/24/2001 New York City
I'm leavin' today 07/25/2001 New York City
Four Score and.... 07/25/2001 Maryland/Gettysburg
And one fine morning she puts on a New York station you know she don't believe what she heard at all 07/25/2001 Cleveland/Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame
Twenty Five or Six to Four 07/25/2001 Chicago
Cheddar 07/25/2001 Madison WI
Somewhere in the black mining hills of Dakota..... 08/03/2001 Priceless
Go West 08/13/2001 Across Minnesota
Badlands 08/19/2001 Badlands
Badlands II 08/20/2001 Badlands
Badlands III 08/20/2001 Badlands
Badlands IV 08/21/2001 Badlands
Badlands V 08/21/2001 Badlands
Insert clever title here 08/21/2001 Air Force Museum
Tom and Becky 08/23/2001 Wind Cave
Black Hills 08/24/2001 Custer Park
Black Hills2 08/24/2001 Custer Park
Doh!!!! 08/24/2001 Van breaks down
Another High Point 08/24/2001 Harney Peak
Off to the Burn 08/25/2001 Heading to Burning Man
I'm sitting here in Tahoe... 09/16/2001 Lake Tahoe, 9/11
Well the rain exploded with a mighty crash 09/16/2001 Driving East
Rushmore 09/25/2001 Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Wyoming
Mashed Potatoes 09/25/2001 Devil's Tower
Custer's Beatdown 09/25/2001 Custer Battlefield
I can feel it in the air, the summer's out of reach 10/23/2001 North Carolina
Consider yourself warned.... 10/24/2001 DO NOT SEND LARGE FILES!!!
For reasons I can not explain there is some part of me that wants to see... 10/24/2001 Memphis
Hound Dog 10/24/2001 Graceland
Replies to scathing attack on large emails.... 10/26/2001
Invaluable 11/09/2001 Priceless Part II
Back On-line 12/08/2001
Full Moon Fever 12/08/2001 Full Moon Bus Club campout in Missouri
Another world, another time, in the age of wonder..... 12/08/2001 Arkansas, crystal mining, highpoint
Best reply yet.... 12/08/2001 Reply to Priceless Part II
Oklahoma City 12/08/2001 Oklahoma City National Memorial
Snow Report 12/13/2001 Snowboard report-Squaw Valley
Oklahoma! 12/17/2001 Across Oklahoma
Powder Dreams 12/19/2001 Snowboard report-Mt Bachelor
Painful 12/21/2001 Transmission Failure
Part III 01/30/2002
Raindrops keep fallin' on my head 02/19/2002
Sub-Pop 02/20/2002
More Seattle 02/28/2002
Canada - Denied! 02/28/2002
Mt Hood - conquered 04/08/2002
Mistaken Identity 04/08/2002
In a ditch 04/08/2002
Milestone 05/02/2002 1 year
It's Alive!!! 07/10/2002
Graduation Day 08/22/2002
East Coast 09/09/2002
The Last Waltz 12/02/2002 The End?
It was 2 years ago today 05/04/2003 The Beginning?